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air cooled, refers to type of engine in vehicle


aftermarket, supplier other than original equipment manufacturer


Brazilian, manufactured in Brazil (hard parts are OE VW Brazil)


constant velocity flange or joint

CFA letter code for fully automatic Passat (1992-93)
GR German, manufactured in Germany
IRS independent rear suspension
OE original equipment
SA swing axle (can refer to a Bug or a 1967 and earlier Type 2 Bus)
WC watercooled, refers to type of engine in vehicle
002 IRS Bus 1968-73, so called 3 rib case.  74-75,  so called 5 rib or pyramid case
003 early full auto trans
010/090 late full auto trans
014 early rabbit
020 Rabbit, Jetta, Golf
02A 02J Late Jetta, Golf, new beetle
091 IRS Bus 1976-79, Vanagon aircooled 1980-82, so called 6 rib case
091/1 Vanagon waterboxer 1984-on
094 Vanagon Syncro 4x4 1986-on


Letter Code

Identifier stamped into case, especially in later model vehicles. First set of numbers or letters in serial #, for example:  DU, ABD, 2Y, 9A etc. In most models you will find this in a flat area on the side of the main case.  For Jetta and Golf 5 spd, look on the bottom of the bell housing.  On the Full-Auto trans such as a CFA letter code it is found on the top of the bell housing. Very useful info to determine what parts you need...essential for the later watercooled models.

Semi Automatic Auto Stick, 3 speed manual w/ torque converter and vacuum assisted clutch
Model 181 Volkswagen Thing
Operating Sleeve same as slider

Type 1

Volkswagen Sedan (Beetle or Bug), also Karmann Ghia

Type 2

Volkswagen Transporter, Pick-up, Crew Cab, or Bus  

Type 3 Volkswagen Fastback and Squareback


Volkswagen Vanagon, air cooled 80-82, water cooled 84-on

Vanagon Syncro Volkswagen Vanagon, 4X4 w/ viscous coupling to front differential